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We are paving the path to decarbonizing the real estate industry.

A galvanizing force and embodiment of the possible, The Plant is a New York-based flagship symbol of the transition from past practices to far-reaching futures. More than just an emblem, The Plant is restoring and converting a former coal-burning power plant from the early 20th century into a global home for the built environment and climate solutions in the 21st century.

The Plant is where the world’s most innovative people will convene to imagine the impossible and invent the future. The Plant is a global ecosystem for the built environment where leading companies across industries, climate innovators, entrepreneurs, accelerators, venture, non-profits and government leaders can incubate, nurture and co-create lasting solutions for the climate crisis.

The Plant is the first building of its kind and scale - a pioneering real estate development at the forefront of sustainable construction, design and operations accelerating and showcasing climate tech solutions. The Plant is solely dedicated to decarbonizing the built environment by embodying what is possible and by showcasing the means to scale a thriving global home of sustainable leadership for a cleaner, greener planet.

Reimagined to power decarbonizing the real estate industry, The Plant is the ultimate demonstration project showcasing sustainable design, construction, development, and climate tech innovations for embodied and operational carbon. The Plant will be a prototype for the future of climate technology in the built environment, centralizing the most state of the art innovations under one roof.

The Plant

The built environment is the largest contributor to climate change.

It's responsible for approximately 40% of carbon emissions and 37% of energy demand globally. Despite an increased amount of policy focus and public attention, building emissions have continued to rise, increasing 5% from 2010, and remains off track for successfully hitting 2050 goals.

The Plant’s historic partnership with the United Nations

The Plant was selected by UN-Habitat to showcase and demonstrate one building’s power to decarbonize the built environment while achieving key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

One building, one city, one country, one shared planet.

UN-Habitat together with The Plant is launching an unprecedented global consortium of stakeholders from across the built environment spectrum. With a focus on the private sector and aligning a historically fragmented industry and its members up and down the value chain, the consortium will act as a forum to foster communication and tangible action representing the full life cycle of a building. Bringing together energy companies, developers, architects, engineers, construction companies, banks, insurance companies, venture capital and accelerators, think tanks, governmental entities and policy makers, entrepreneurs and start-ups working on solutions and innovations.

The Plant

The Plant works with the United Nations supporting the following Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals - a collection of seventeen interlinked objectives designed to serve as a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

The Plant