Our Vision

The Plant is a Global Home for Climate Solutions.

Our Mission


The Plant will be one of the first NY State commercial ESG Real Estate projects addressing the most pressing environmental challenges of our time by powering a more humane, and just future through development, innovation, art, activism, community, and jobs. The Plant Development Company is a New York-based real estate development, operations, and program design company, which specializes in adaptive-reuse projects that power buildings to create change.


Designing and constructing a Net Zero building - measuring both the embodied carbon of the materials, the operational carbon of systems and logistical carbon of the delivery and logistics process. Operating at the highest energy efficiency, accelerating and showcasing clean tech innovations, The Plant will be a prototype for the future of climate technology in the built environment, centralizing the most state of the art innovations under one roof.



The Plant is located in a NY State DEC Environmental Justice area. We believe it is our responsibility to work at the intersection of climate justice, community and real estate with organizations and individuals who have dedicated their lives to building an equitable and just climate future for BIPOC and low income communities. We believe that environmental justice is a both a civil rights and human rights issue. The Plant recognizes the countless hours and years of hundreds of environmental justice organizations work and looks forward to collaborations thru programming and events related to climate education and environmental justice.

We will continue our on-going annual scholarship giving to Yonkers High School students committed to environmental justice and climate action recognizing their contributions towards improving the environmental health and sustainability of their community.


Our on-going work with over 30 Government Agencies from the City of Yonkers, New York State, and the Federal Government has allowed us to commence the adaptive reuse and historic redevelopment of the abandoned and dangerous building on the Yonkers Waterfront named “The Gates of Hell” by community leaders into an Iconic building for Yonkers and NY State. In addition, as a former 1907 coal burning power plant, we investigated levels of environmental contamination, voluntarily placed the site in the NY State Brownfield Cleanup Program and commenced remediation work which has mostly been completed.

We are making physical improvements and enhancements to Trevor Park including parking, lighting, and protecting the City of Yonkers only community waterfront access in JFK Marina from sea level rise and flood hazard.


As we move forward, our project will create hundreds of jobs and will deliver millions of dollars to Yonkers annually. In partnership with Social Enterprise and Training Center, and Yonkers community organizations, we are providing hard and soft skill jobs training workforce development opportunities to the local community with priority given to Yonkers residents.



The project’s ownership and hiring employs MWBE standards. The Plant’s purchasing decisions will support MWBE and businesses and sustainable products. We aim to improve quality of life for the planet by first exemplifying it in our own home as we will continue our work with local community and government. We will provide Yonkers residents opportunity for hundreds of future jobs created by the redevelopment and operations of The Plant, as well as scholarships, climate education, and internship opportunities for local youth. We will use measure and report our ESG goals using the GINN IRIS metrics system, EC3 Tool to measure our embodied carbon and EUI rating to measure our building efficiency and operational carbon.